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Certified Debugging Services and Bug-Swapping Through Top Indian Detective Agency

Debugging is the process of finding small details that could have a major impact if left unfixed. It's exactly what anyone should be doing to prevent an issue from happening in the future too!

This scam can have a really big crash on those it affects, and they always wonder what a 'bug' is, the reasons why people would place them, and at what reward.

Bugs typically take on many structures. They transmit data by recording audio/video, sending hidden cameras, tracking vehicles, or even using phone bugs. The potential danger it poses is huge: planting such devices in anyone's home, office, or car could pose a risk to their confidentiality.

In comparison to the individual equation, office/workplace breaches are more likely to happen because of a lack of a personal relationship. Moreover, we have seen that some business rivals can plant such bugs to acquire confidential information and take advantage of that.

At Top Indian Detective Agency, we are dedicated to providing the highest level of debugging service in the shortest time possible. You may detect bugs on your vehicle, sometimes in the phone, office PC, and all that. Have you done a property inspection on your offices, residence, or any of your commercial properties or personal vehicles- cars, bike, etc.? Our crew can thoroughly check all the possible areas and find the potential debugging material if it exists.

Our qualified private detectives in Delhi team is skilled in debugging- technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM), a method of tracing debugging devices and equipment.

As a businessman, you may have competitors who have grudges over your success. They may be fuming over your success and have planted any debugging device to a place where they can get the secret information.

We at Top Indian Detective Agency work with specialized detectives and concentrate on various cases. We use our advanced technology and equipment to make sure we can handle whatever situation we may face.

Top Indian Detective Agency will ensure your company's plans, procedures, and current discussions are safe. Ensuring this information won't be leaked to the competition makes it hard for them to steal an advantage.

It's important to have both personal and corporate intelligence protected for many reasons, including the security of proprietary data. Common signs that your office or home is being bugged include:

  • A suspicious employee that is spying to steam your private information
  • Any gadgets and electronic items such as pen drive, phone, computer, adapter, TV, transistor, etc. owned or presented by anyone in the home and workplace.
  • Commercial decisions and undisclosed matters disclosed of available in the public domain
  • Information of about conference, board meeting, tender details to the rivals

We will inspect your equipment and locations for any listening devices or GPS trackers. We'll remove the whole radio range for concealed transmitters, wireless cameras, or tape recorders.

GPS trackers are becoming more popular among homeowners, business owners, and vehicle sellers. We can locate these devices even when they are outside their immediate vicinity. Suspicious devices can also access the collected data backward to find out where the device was before being tracked. So we make sure to detect such devices to protect you from future loss because of information leakage.

Our hi-tech crew has substantial knowledge of surveillance due diligence. We conduct the following detection:-

  • Disguised video camera removal
  • Audio recorder elimination
  • Video and audio transmitter removal
  • Microphone detection and removal
  • Infrared transmission detection and removal
  • Phone and mobile detection and removal and many more

There are so many questions about looking for hidden cameras, audio Gadgets, and spy equipment; we can detect them with the help of Debugging team. Though our profession is to locate gadgets, we are sensitive to the fact that some may be disturbed by our investigation process. Our objective is to find the device, which means that some devices will be found & disposed of.