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  • Detective Agency in Lucknow
    Private Detective Agency in Lucknow.
    Top Indian Detective Agency is a well known private detective agency in Lucknow.
  • Best Private Detective in Lucknow
    Divorce Cases Investigations in Lucknow.
    Top Indian Detective Agency has been named most credible name in post matrimonial.

Private Detective Agency in Lucknow India

More than 30 Years of experience in investigation field We provide all kind of private investigation services at affordable rates We have team with wise and professional detective agents who are experienced and energetic 100% secrecy is committed from our side to the client during shole investigation process We follow the all the rules and regulation of Indian Government while doing our investigation services. We have Both Male & Female Private Detectives.

Private Detective Agency in Lucknow- India
Meet The Owner

Trust Top Indian Detective Agency to find the truth get your peace of mind back.

Private Investigators in Lucknow, India

Hi, I’m Neeraj Nayar, the owner of Top Indian Detective Agency. Hiring a private detective agency is a big decision. We get it.
This is why it’s vital that you hire the right company. Over 30 Years of experience private detective, I take my job seriously, as do the rest of our investigative team members.

We apply the same diligence and investigative techniques as law professionals do for each case we take on.
If you are looking to hire a private detective, please call our investigations office at (+91) 9650490455. We will solve your case as quickly as possible, at an affordable cost. We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week..

24/7 Support.

A team of Expert Detectives, Counselor & Operations staff, which gives complete support.

Want to hire a Private Detective Agency in Lucknow, India? Free 30-Minute Consultation.

About Top Indian Detective Agency In Lucknow, Private Detectives In Lucknow

Top Indian Detective Agency is a popular private detective agency in Lucknow and it has been established in entire India. We are able to complete any kind of investigation assignment successfully. Our group of detective specialists is fully enthusiastic and energetic when it comes to deliver results in given deadline. Our 30 Years of experience made us responsible hence we handle every kind of investigation services includes surveillance investigation, undercover investigation, matrimonial investigation, missing person investigation trademark and copyright verification, business interference investigation, litigation support, cybercrime investigation, asset verification, employee theft verification, pre-employment verification, divorce case investigation, post-employment verification, risk analysis verification, loyalty test investigation, due diligence investigation and much more with our determined approach.

Top Indian Detective Agency is totally oriented to client and provides 100% privacy to client during investigation assignment. We have fruitfully managed to acquire huge recognition from our clients as well as in the market and it takes lots of hard work and dedication in our investigation services. And the best thing about our organization is that we don't have any hidden charges because we believe in honesty and transparency. We do our work with devotion and this is the reason why people recommend our services. And we can say proudly that we are the best detective agency in Lucknow.

Why Only Top Indian Detective Agency
We are the one and only accredited private detective in Lucknow which is not only based in Lucknow. We have established an unmatched benchmark for everyone because we are very committed in our work and always give preference in our investigation process, we adapt latest technology and gadget to make investigation assignment more certified and concrete proof for client. And People appreciate for us because we are very serious for our work and client..

Benefits Of Getting The Services Of Top Indian Detective Agency
More than 20years of experience of in Detective services
100% Privacy is assured in whole investigation process
Team of expert defense professionals and legal advisor which becomes helpful in investigation
We are genuine detective agency because we follow the law instructed by union and state government.

Investigation Services

We offer all kind of private investigation services to solve your problems, you'll see them listed below.

Pre Matrimonial Investigations in Lucknow

Pre Matrimonial Investigations

We at Top Indian Detective Agency are here to provide the hassle free Pre Matrimonial Investigation and we always have a motto to provide excellent investigation services because we are known as the outstanding Private Detective Agency in Lucknow India.

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Post Matrimonial Investigations Agency in Lucknow

Post Matrimonial Investigations

TIDA is the foremost private detective agency which delivers fantastic post matrimonial investigation services. If you find that that your spouse is behaving abnormal and he/she is not giving you much time then it will lead to you in.

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Loyalty Test Investigations Services in Lucknow - India

Loyalty Test Investigations

Life is very uncertain and you never know that your partner whom you love the most can ditch you. We know that it is not easy to maintain fruitful relationships because sometime priorities become different for every individual. If you feel that your.

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Divorce Cases Investigations in Lucknow

Divorce Cases Investigations

Top Indian Detective Agency has been named most credible name in post matrimonial cases like divorce case investigation which becomes a painful case. When two married couples don’t want to live with each other and they want to.

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Best Private Detective in Lucknow For Extramarital Affairs

Extramarital Affairs

TIDA team is well trained and expert to investigate the person who is disloyal to his/her spouse. We handle multiple queries like ex-wife, ex-husband, girlfriend etc. To check the loyalty of your partner you can hire TIDA because we work like.

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Detective in Lucknow For Litigation Support

Litigation Support

Top Indian Detective Agency is a prominent private detective agency in Lucknow, India has been mastered in delivering outstanding results in litigation support services. As we are premiere organization in detective services we understand the.

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Private Investigator Agency For Undercover Operations

Undercover Operations

Top Indian Detective Agency is a prominent private detective agency in Lucknow, India has been mastered in delivering outstanding results in litigation support services. As we are premiere organization in detective services we understand the.

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Surveillance Private Detectives in Lucknow

Surveillance Detectives

Surveillance investigation has been crucial these days because we have analyze that there are so many cases comes to us about forgery and fraudulent. To be in a safe hand you should verify the information which is being provided to you by your employee.

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Matrimonial Detective Agency in Lucknow For Background Check

Background Check

Top Indian Detective Agency is always ready to investigate critical cases like background check investigation. We know that marriage is the most important decision of life and in that case you should be more attentive, and make sure that the person.

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Private Detective in Lucknow For pre employment verifications

pre employment verifications

Top Indian Detective Agency being a Pre-Employment Verification investigating unit in Lucknow, India can provide employment screening services which give concise investigative reviews that briefs up the present day information about a candidate.

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Detective Agency For Post Employment Verifications

Post Employment Verifications

At TIDA offers Post-Employment screening or investigation permits personnel to quantify the hazard to which they’re uncovered, and then to manipulate that danger. Regular credit exams, unexpected judgments, and crook convictions – these are all.

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Private Investigation Agency in Lucknow For Asset Verification

Asset Verification

Top Indian Detective Agency has managed to achieve par excellence throughout its successful investigation projects completion. We are notable private detective agency which has been excelled in delivering the fantabulous asset verification procedure.

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Top Private Investigator Agency in Lucknow For Missing Persons Investigations

Missing Persons Investigations

Top Indian Detective Agency is prominent body of private investigation services in Lucknow India. Our team is diligent and has the strength to take up any challenges. If defaulter is out of city then we don’t hesitate to investigate about defaulter.

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Detective Agencies in Lucknow For Employee Theft

Employee Theft

Employee theft is probably one of the common problems faced by all kind of industries and organizations. It becomes headache for every organization to tackle with employee theft because it is not easy to identify a particular employee who is responsible.

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Private Investigator For Business Interference

Business Interference

We at Top Indian Detective Agency have been filled with the talented and superlative group of legal advisors who are well experienced to deal with these types of complicated cases. When someone tries to interfere with your business and influence.

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Detective Agency For Risk Analysis

Risk Analysis

Top Indian Detective Agency (TIDA) has earned reputation among the detective fraternity because we are certainly the most reputable private detective agency in Lucknow and across all India and we assure you that we have the proficient team that can.

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Private Investigation Agency in India For Due Diligence Investigation

Due Diligence Investigation

To start a business relationship it becomes very compulsory to get the real information so that the business would go to the next level that’s what we call due diligence investigation. TIDA premier detective services in Lucknow.

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Private Detective In Lucknow For Trademark & Copyright

Trademark & Copyright

Our trademark & copyright infringement investigator is filled with great legal expertise to identify violation of trademark such as symbol, services, product, logo etc. They know which things can be used legally and which is not permissible.

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Hire Private Detective Agency In Lucknow By Top Indian Detective Agency

op Indian detective Agency (TIDA) is incomparable private detective Agency in Lucknow as we have served outstandingly in investigation field. We carry out diversified detective services such as background check investigation, Surveillance investigation, undercover operation, litigation support, Extramarital affairs investigation, Pre and Post matrimonial Investigation, pre and post-employment verification, asset verification, business interference, due diligence, Litigation Support, Loyalty test Investigation and much more in a fantastical method. We are veteran entity in investigation field for more than 20 years and we have got spacious recognition and prestige by our brilliant effort.

If you are wandering for certified and genuine detectives in Lucknow then Top Indian Detective Agency provide magnificent detective services to the client. We provide confidentiality to our customer along with the senior and veteran detective specialists who have expertise of delivering excellence in every critical case. We are forever living countless expectations of our clients , and that is the reason that we have been favored by many clients in the market.

Why Choose Top Indian Detective Agency?
Top Indian Detective Agency (TIDA) believes in honesty and transparency which reflect in our investigation services. We have deployed experienced and well educated security personnel and defense veteran people who make our organization firm and credible in the market. We are doing investigation service flawlessly.

Benefits Of Hiring Top Indian Detective Agency
Experienced with more than 20 years in investigation service
We are packed with defense personnel and security advisors in our company
High level of secrecy for client is 100% assured
We are working under the law imposed by Union and state Government

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30 Years of Expericence

An ISO 9001:2005

Award Winning Company

127+ Awards won

Experienced Agents

275 Allover India

What are our advantages?

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Top Indian Detective Agency is to offer top and best private investigation services with a commitment to quality service that is in the best interest of each client and with the goal of the best possible result in every client’s case.

Our Team

Top Indian Detective Agency is known for employing some most experienced and educated investigators in the area. We have 30 Years of experience working both personal and corporate detectives cases and we understand what its takes to get the results you need.

Our Core Values

We support strategic and tactical corporate responses to the challenges opportunities posed by globalisation & technology. We support strategic and tactical corporate responses to the challenges opportunities posed by globalisation & technology.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We guarantee you 100% satisfaction with assured secrecy. Our investigation ranges from Personal & corporate Investigation to most of other services. Top Indian Detective Agency is committed to serving you and your clients. My staff and I are determined to provide you with professional, reliable results with GUARANTEE OF 100% CONFIDENTAILY.

Privacy Assured

Top Indian Detective Agency assures 100% privacy of client and its credential. We work under the shadow of customer’s trust. Our private detective have is known for trustworthiness. Large base of loyal and satisfied customers make us lead in private investigation India.

Our Network

Top Indian detective agency is a PAN India company. Top Indian Detective Agency is able to cover every nook and corner of India and major countries. We have our network all over the country and overseas.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Private Detective / Private Investigator?

Why hire a private detective?

We like to think the best of people. It would be nice to believe that friends, family, loved ones, and coworkers have all of our best interests at heart. Imagine a world where dishonesty, fraud, infidelity, crime and corruption did not exist.
Actually, there are times when you can face unpleasant situations. For example, a confidence test; you notice suspicious behavior at home, at work, in a neighborhood. People disappear.
As a result, you may experience feelings of fear and anxiety. You may feel that you have lost control over your surroundings. Loss, betrayal, and uncertainty can do that to a person.
Situations like this require expert advice and the help of experienced professionals. Also, this is where the private detective agency can help. The right private detective agency in Delhi can provide evidence; do background checks; find a criminal record; Relieve your doubts and help you regain control over your life.

What does a Private Detectives do?

Private Detectives can cover a wide range of work. Not all private investigators do all of these things, so it is important to find an Private Detectives who has experience or expertise that matches the job you want to do. Common work for a Private Detective includes: Pre and Post matrimonial investigation, diverse cases, love affair, background check, surveillance, and fraud cases.

Will you keep my information confidential?

Yes. Your information is kept confidential unless we are required by law or a court order to share your information with the authorities. Your case will not be discussed outside of our firm without your permission. In addition, all case histories and client information are kept in a secure location.

How much does a Private Detective cost?

It costs nothing to contact us and discuss your case. During the initial consultation, we can describe your options and provide a non-binding cost estimate. Each matter is quoted for individually as we like to offer personalized solutions to each person or company that needs our help.
The easiest way for you to get an accurate estimate is to contact an Private Detective today and discuss your requirements.

How do I choose a Private Detective?

Before hiring Private Detectives, we encourage you to do some research! Choosing the right private detective can make a big difference in the outcome of your case and the quality of the evidence you collect. Take a few minutes to review the websites of the private detective agency and also run their names on Google to see what other information comes up.
Having successfully completed thousands cases in our 25-year history, we attribute our longevity to a strong emphasis on customer service.

What do I get?

If you engage Top Indian Detective Agency, you get the benefit of our experience and knowledge, a guarantee of confidentiality and, where requested, a written report regarding the outcome of your investigation. You also get the peace of mind that comes from relying on India’s most reputable and well-known private detective agency in Delhi

How do i contact Top Indian Detective Agency ?

You can contact us by calling on our Director – Mr. Neeraj Nayar number i.e. +91 9911361991 or on our Manager-Investigations – Ms. Monika number i.e. 9650490455. You can also mail us your enquiry at info@topindiandetectiveagency.com.