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Asset Verification

Top Indian Detective Agency has managed to achieve par excellence throughout its successful investigation projects completion. We are notable private detective agency which has been excelled in delivering the fantabulous asset verification procedure. We rinse out factual assets which lead to take right call at the moment. We have fabulous group of investigation officers who are rich experienced to handle any kind of complex asset information which can help you to prepare your case appropriately which makes your way smoother to win in any kind of legal fight.

We Provide Wide Variety Of Services In Asset Verification Are As Follows
Acquiring Information about asset proprietorship
Originating detail regarding asset location
Dig out the information about asset registration
Getting asset registration information
Authenticate the real valuation of the asset
Searching encumbrance certificate if asset is non-transferable to locate buying and sell records
Calculation the tax related to asset and its value
Valuation of asset such as commercial, agricultural, industrial and so on

Top Indian Detective Agency (TIDA) has a talented group of detective professionals who are perfect in asset verification task and guide properly to take right action of plan against the target person or corporate entity. We are also specialized to carry applicable asset verification for corporate houses. We know that asset verification is the crucial task for your organization so that you can manage to assess the valuation of your asset and forecast the financial expenditure and income tax saving. Our team is knowledgeable enough to help the commercial benefits of a particular organization to multinational company to evaluate their asset and determine the precise fund of the business with par excellence

Top Indian Detective Agency (TIDA) Complete Assets Verification Cases Which Includes
Company Records: Our team is tech savvy so they apply latest technology to bring data related to rival organization in market so that you can identify their business collaboration, business reach, tax information, capital expenditure which allows you formulate strategy about your organization profit

Property Records: We strive to fetch the important details about the real holder of property and asses its valuation. We deliver real evidences so that you will get the genuine data and information about the property holder.

Bank Accounts: We also dig out the complex details related to any kind of bank accounts such as savings accounts or current account, whether it has fixed deposit or recurring deposit etc.

Apart from that, TIDA also experts in investigation of asset verification on transferrable and non-transferrable assets so that client can take get the idea to take the right step related to their properties